How humane is the UK’s plan to introduce robot companions in care homes?

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Some UK care homes are to deploy robots in an attempt to allay loneliness and boost mental health. The wheeled machines will “initiate rudimentary conversations, play residents’ favorite music, teach them languages, and offer practical help, including medicine reminders.” They are being introduced after an international trial found they reduced anxiety and loneliness.

These robots can hold basic conversations and be programmed to people’s interests. This is positive, but they are not a viable alternative to

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‘Watchmen’, ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ pajamas and alpaca take stage for Emmys

By Jill Serjeant

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Television shows “Succession,” “Watchmen” and “Schitt’s Creek” look set for multiple wins at Sunday’s Emmy awards, but the biggest buzz may be around the virtual ceremony and its potential for pajamas, alpacas, and designer Hazmat suits.

Jimmy Kimmel hosts television’s highest honors in a live awards show that promises to be full of surprises around the challenges of linking up in real time with nominees in 125 places around the world – in their homes, backyards, bedrooms or anywhere else.

“This year people will be watching for different reasons. Are they (the celebrities)

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how to clear your clutter on eBay and beyond

<span>Photograph: Maridav/Alamy</span>
Photograph: Maridav/Alamy

If you found your inner Marie Kondo during lockdown, or you just have a heap of stuff you no longer need, is it time to list it on one of the host of websites that will sell it for you – in some cases for free?

On 25 September eBay is celebrating its 25th birthday.

But while it remains the go-to destination for those selling used items, there are many specialist websites offering to list your items, often charging lower fees.

If you are ready to start selling, here are the options and what you need to know.

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Slug killer will be banned across the country because of risks to hedgehogs and birds, ministers announce

The pellets are toxic to wildlife - Getty
The pellets are toxic to wildlife – Getty

A popular and lethal slug pellet is being banned by ministers after campaigners warned it could pose fatal to garden predators such as toads and hedgehogs.

Metaldehyde is a very effective slug poison, which often smells like sweet molasses but kills the gastropods which eat it.

Not only does this reduce the prey for the animals which eat slugs and snails – including hedgehogs and toads – it can build up to toxic levels in these animals, as well as pets and birds, if eaten.

Wildlife campaigners have pushed for a ban

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The 10 Best Indoor Hanging Plants to Elevate Your Space

Maybe your green thumb is itching for a new plant baby or you want to make your home lush and vibrant…but you lack the floor space for free-standing potted plants. One easy solution? Indoor hanging plants. Suspended from your ceilings, they’ll add the touch of green you’re after, without taking up any of your precious floor space.

But like all indoor plants, choosing one to start with can be daunting. Which plant is best for your home? How much light will it need? What kind of pot should you use? Is it pet- and kid-friendly? You might have as many

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