Month: May 2020

Should You Let Your Cat Sleep in Bed With You? 6 Benefits to Consider

Dogs have a rep as man’s best friend, but you know the truth—your feline is the purr-fect (ahem, non-slobbering) companion. In fact, you love your cat so much that you want to spend every waking—and sleeping—moment with her. But should you let your cat sleep in your bed with you? As it turns out, letting Simba snuggle on your duvet comes with some very cool benefits. Here, six things to consider.

(One quick note: Like with all animals, cats have the potential to transmit certain diseases to their owners so make sure you stay on top of your cat’s vaccinations

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Veterinarian, a COVID-19 survivor, on trying to care for pets, her staff and herself

At 12 years old, Erin Kulick looked on in wonder as she watched a cow receive surgery for a prolapsed uterus after giving birth to a calf. It was her first day volunteering at a mixed animal practice in Bedford, Virginia.

As she gazed at the gory scene, she smiled. In that moment, she knew she wanted to be a veterinarian.

Dr. Kulick, now 36 years old, works at Long Island City Veterinary Center in Queens, New York, where she works in general practice and sees mostly small animals.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, veterinarians in New York City are

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Inside the battle to study marijuana in America

Early in Dr. Sue Sisley’s medical career, military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder told her that smoking marijuana prevented nightmares and helped them sleep. Sisley, a primary care physician and psychiatrist in Scottsdale, Arizona, who has treated vets for two decades, said she was initially skeptical of her patients’ claims, but their families vouched that pot was helping with their symptoms.

“Even though I was dubious, they never really gave up,” Sisley said of the patients. “They were so relentless.”

About a decade ago, Sisley decided to study pot’s psychiatric effects to see if she could prove what her patients

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In a US now in puppy love, Labs still tops, but corgis rise

NEW YORK (AP) — America’s dogs are having their day as the coronavirus keeps many people at home more with their pets and spurs so much adoption and fostering that some shelters’ kennels have emptied.

But while much is changing for people and pooches around the country, here’s something holding as steady as a dog with a favorite toy: Labrador retrievers remain the nation’s most popular purebreds for a record-extending 29th year, according to American Kennel Club rankings being released Friday.

The rest of the top 10 includes German shepherds; golden retrievers; French bulldogs; bulldogs; poodles; beagles; Rottweilers; German shorthaired

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What 8 horror movies looked like behind the scenes

  • From “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” to the remake of “Pet Semetary,” recent horror films have gone great lengths to scare viewers.

  • “The Invisible Man” employed a performer in a green suit to throw Elisabeth Moss’ character across a table while special cameras captured the terrifying movements of a monster the audience can’t actually see.

  • Jordan Peele’s “Us” used facial replacement CGI to allow Lupita Nyong’o and the rest of the cast to act alongside their doppelgängers.

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Narrator: From stuntmen in green suits to jaw-dropping

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