Month: April 2021

Universal’s The Secret Life of Pets ride: devastatingly cute

The pandemic-forced closure of Universal Studios Hollywood last year came just before the grand opening of the park’s long-anticipated 2020 addition — a ride inspired by the two films in “The Secret Life of Pets” franchise. But after a pause of more than a year, guests attending the park’s reopening this week will be able to get their paws, which will be squirted by Universal staff with hand sanitizer just before boarding, on the attraction.

What’s they’ll find in the Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash! is the kind of ride that is something of an endangered species in

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Trisha Yearwood Worked with Her Rescue Dogs to Create Her New ‘Practical and Pretty’ Pet Line

Courtesy Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection

From an early age, Trisha Yearwood was certain about two things: she wanted to grow up to be a professional singer, and she loved animals.

“Since I was a little girl, I have always been the ‘Daddy, can I keep it?’ girl,” Yearwood, 56, tells PEOPLE about her history with rescue pets.

Now, the three-time Grammy Award-winning country superstar is ready to share that passion for pets with the world. On April 15, Yearwood is launching the Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection — a carefully crafted line of dog treats, beds, bags, collars, and more.


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Dozens of rescued dogs, cats flown from Merced County, CA

More than 90 stray and abandoned cats and dogs in Merced County no longer have to feel unloved.

Those animals hopped on a flight at Atwater’s Castle Airport on Tuesday, destined for Everett, Wash., where they will be placed in local shelters or groups, and eventually adopted by loving homes.

The flight was made possible thanks to Wings of Rescue, a donation-based charity that utilizes chartered cargo planes to transport at-risk shelter animals from overcrowded shelters and disaster zones.

It’s a common affair, said Gene Gable, media relations representative for Wings of Rescue.

“It’s not unusual for pets to be

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Helping Hands Humane Society reflects on benefiting from adopting pets

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -April 11th is National Pet Day and Helping Hands Humane Society spoke about why its important to adopt or foster a pet rather than buying it from a pet store.

“We have a great variety of animals that are already spade and neutered and up to date on shots and your saving a life– al ot of these animals are homeless and are looking for families to adopt so its just always a great idea to come and support your local shelter,” Margaret Price said.

According to a survey from and 83% of people in the

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15 Cat Breeds That Didn’t Exist 100 Years Ago

With cute furry faces and mischievous characters, it is no wonder cats sit in second place in pet popularity, with a 2016 survey suggesting a quarter of U.S. homes enjoy a kitty’s company.

Like all other pets, new cat breeds can both naturally occur and be developed deliberately.

As a result, there are now scores of different breeds, meaning there is a perfect pussycat suited to every taste.

Newsweek picks out 15 cat breeds that have only come to exist in the last century.

American Curl

American Curl cat
Close-up portrait of a white American Curl cat with blue eyes. The American Curl
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