Alpacas get snotty when they don’t get their way

Some sprung for a Peloton, or a new puppy — but for these friends, it was a trio of alpacas. 

As far as pandemic purchases, Melanie Hinze and Melanie Ramos’ take the cake. The pals from Germany bought three alpacas, Elvis, Teddy and Puschel in July, and have been documenting the fluffy creatures for their Instagram page. Now, their 1,300 followers are going crazy for the human-like animals. 

“We . . . leave the stressful everyday life behind when we go for a walk with them or when we feed them briefly,” Hinze, who works alongside Ramos at a pharmaceutical company, told Jam Press.

Their unusual pandemic pets came about after a visit to a small pasture in their hometown of Holm, Germany, where a farmer had been using the three male alpacas for breeding. They opted to adopt the creatures on the spot.

Now, the trio has become famous for their mischievous expressions: “When they don’t like something, you know it – and they pull their faces,” said Hinze, who picked out Puschel as the fluffiest, and grumpiest, alpaca. 

“He is always pulling funny faces, when we stop feeding him or when we want him to wait for something.”

Alpacas have long been an internet favorite. The famous “Useless Farm” in Ontario, Canada, is packed with alpacas and emus. The silly Canadian pets have racked up millions of views on TikTok, like in one video where Michael the alpaca, whose owner calls him a “simple angel,” cutely crowds the camera. 

Hinze and Ramos agree, and say their own alpacas live up to all the internet hype.

“They look so human sometimes,” said Hinze.

Melanie Hinze and Melanie Ramos adopted the alpacas on the spot in July and since then have fallen in love with the expressive lot.
Melanie Hinze and Melanie Ramos adopted the alpacas on the spot in July and since then have fallen in love with the expressive lot.
Jam Press/@unsere_kleine_alpaka_

Their expressions — mainly exasperation and shock — from not getting the treats they so desire have won the hearts of alpaca fans who can’t get over the snow-white animals’ cartoon-like eyes and mouths.

“You are beautiful,” wrote one follower on Instagram, while another gushed, “So cute and they look super happy.”

“Oh noooo — weekend is already over?” reads one caption of an alpaca with its jaw dropped and eyes wide posing in an idyllic field.

Neighbors call the trio “the sheep with long legs,” said Hinze.

These alpacas just broke the internet.
These alpacas just broke the internet.
Jam Press/@unsere_kleine_alpaka_

“On every walk we do, all people who meet us are happy and smile,” added the amateur alpaca farmer who parades around her alpacas, and visits with people in need of a little animal therapy.

“We visited them with a terminally ill lady and they were so careful when they ate out of her hand or when she wanted to pet them,” said Hinze, who called the alpacas “considerate and careful.”

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