Best luxury hand sanitisers that moisturise your hands and smell great

A sign of the times no doubt but the number one beauty essential over the last few months has been the humble hand sanitiser. While your makeup bag has been collecting dust, our trusted gel has stayed on hand – literally – for a quick-fix, bacteria-busting solution.

From the outset, the government has stressed that washing our hands is the most important way to avoid Coronavirus. Transmission of Covid-19 occurs through respiratory droplets that may end up on surfaces. If you then touch these contaminated areas and then pass it on to your nose, mouth or eyes, you can infect yourself. It’s not as easy as avoiding contact with your face as a report reveals we touch our faces on average of around 23 times an hour.

When leaving the house, the mental checklist now reads – phone, keys, mask and sani – the latter is key whether you are going to the supermarket, hitting the shops or making the most of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

But while we have all been diligent with our sanitiser practises, this has caused our hands a lot of harm. The harsh formulas can be drying and sticky which causes the skin on our hands to peel and flake – and leave behind a really unpleasant aroma. But no longer.

Brands have got creative in this time, unveiling new formulations with a luxurious and moisturising twist so this very practical purchase ensures you are germ-free while also being packed with skin-boosting ingredients.

When should you apply hand sanitiser?

According to the guidelines from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, it is important to wash your hands or apply sanitiser if water is not as readily available:

  • Before eating or preparing food

  • Before touching your face

  • After using the bathroom

  • After leaving a public place

  • After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing

  • After handling your mask

  • After changing a nappy

  • After caring for someone sick

  • After touching animals or pets

What percentage of alcohol should sanitiser contain?

Health experts from the NHS to the Public Health England and World Health Organisation all agree that it should contain at least 60 per cent alcohol in order to be effective.

What is the best way to apply hand sanitiser?

Cover the surface of your hands in the gel and rub them together until dry. Apply before touching your face.

See our pick of the best.

Mango Hand Cleanse Gel

If you’re reluctant to lather your hands in that strong alcohol scent, this mango-scented alternative is a godsend. It may just be one of the most addictive aromas out there and is kind to your skin at the same time. It has a handy compact size to slip into your bag for a quick squeeze on the go. The effective antibacterial formula has a high alcohol-based formulation at 73 per cent that will kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria without drying out your hands. It is also offered in coconut.

£2.50 | The Body Shop

Hydro Alcoholic Purifying Hand Gel

While alcohol-based products and sensitive skin tend not to go hand-in-hand, La Roche Posay has you covered with this hero gel. It contains 65 per cent to keep your mitts squeaky clean without needing to rinse off. It is gentle, moisturising and will not cause your hands and nails to peel or crack. It is also offered at the sweet spot 100ml, which means it’s travel-safe too.

£3.50 | La Roche Posay

Bergamot & Jasmine No Rinse Hand Cleanser

You can always count on ESPA to bring a pampering twist to everyday products and its No Rinse Hand Cleanser is no different. The traditional sanitiser formula is turned on its head with the fresh, subtle and natural fragrance of bergamot and jasmine. It contains 60 per cent alcohol and is quick-drying, leaving hands feeling soft and silky.

£6 | ESPA

Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash

This Hand Wash from Aesop has long been our go-to, even BC (before Corona) for a much-needed de-germ after stepping off the tube. Not only does it come in the chic apothecary-style bottle that the brand is famed for, but the formula is beautifully scented too: mandarin rind, rosemary leaf and cedar wood atlas – and works to soften and hydrate skin. Most importantly of all, it has an alcohol content of around 58 to 62 per cent and will kill approximately 99.9 per cent of bacteria.

£7 | Aesop

Organic Vegan Hand Sanitiser with Refillable Pack

While steering clear of germs has taken a front seat in our lives over the last few months in particular, we should not ignore the environmental impact of disposable masks, plastic gloves and the single-use bottles that have re-entered our everyday.
Sustainable label Beauty Kitchen is putting that firmly back into our minds with its sanitiser that comes in glass or aluminium packaging. The sprays are also refillable with a larger 500ml bottle. The formula has a 62 per cent alcohol content but is infused with aloe vera and vegetable glycerine to treat skin to its moisturising benefits.

£17.50 | Beauty Kitchen

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