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Millions of animals from emerging disease hotspots are imported into UK, study finds

A tortoise
A tortoise
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Millions of wild animals are being legally imported into the UK from emerging disease hotspots, it has emerged, prompting a leading animal welfare charity to warn that the practice is risking another public health crisis.

Animals including African pygmy hedgehogs, snakes, lizards and tortoises are transported to the UK to be sold as exotic pets from Africa, Latin America and Asia in their hundreds of thousands, according to a new study from World Animal Protection.

While legal, the practice is condemned by campaigners as cruel, and the charity has warned that it

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Slug killer will be banned across the country because of risks to hedgehogs and birds, ministers announce

The pellets are toxic to wildlife - Getty
The pellets are toxic to wildlife – Getty

A popular and lethal slug pellet is being banned by ministers after campaigners warned it could pose fatal to garden predators such as toads and hedgehogs.

Metaldehyde is a very effective slug poison, which often smells like sweet molasses but kills the gastropods which eat it.

Not only does this reduce the prey for the animals which eat slugs and snails – including hedgehogs and toads – it can build up to toxic levels in these animals, as well as pets and birds, if eaten.

Wildlife campaigners have pushed for a ban

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Illinois Coronavirus Update Sept. 17: 268,207 Cases, 8,392 Deaths

ILLINOIS — State health officials on Thursday announced 2,056 new cases of the coronavirus and 25 additional deaths from COVID-19, the respiratory illness caused by the virus. The statewide totals now stand at 268,207 confirmed infections and 8,392 known deaths. Another 2,095 probable cases and 232 probable deaths are not included in the official totals.

The latest deaths include:

  • Cook County: 1male 70s

  • DeKalb County: 1 male 30s

  • DuPage County: 1 male 30s

  • Green County: 1 male 90s

  • Kane County: 1 female 90s

  • Kankakee County: 2 males 80s, 1 female 90s

  • Lawrence County: 1 female 90s

  • Madison County: 1 male

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Thinking About Adopting the Neighborhood Stray Cat? We Asked a Vet For Advice!

British Shorthair cat lying on the gray chair. Copy-space
British Shorthair cat lying on the gray chair. Copy-space

As someone who has taken in five stray cats over the last decade, I’m aware of how deeply rewarding the process can be. Although adopting a wayward kitty might seem like a tall order at first, people are often surprised at just how quickly they assimilate in their new surroundings. Currently, approximately 3.2 million cats in the United States need forever homes, which means there’s no shortage of four-legged friends to love.

Obviously, families who are considering taking in the neighborhood stray should be certain it’s not someone else’s pet first.

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All the Tips to Know, Where to Stay and the Genius Products You Need

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, solo travelers, couples, small groups and families alike are seeking “safecation” trip options that adhere to social distancing protocols and, at the same time, are filled with QT and stimulating experiences. So, it’s no surprise that recent interest in camping—and said quality time that by default includes our furry friends—is spiking exponentially. But before you decide to pack up your pooch and pitch a tent for the first time, here’s what the experts have to say about camping with dogs and other furry friends to keep them safe and comfortable while making the

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