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Why you need to stop touching my dog without asking

Abigail Butcher photographed with her dog Thala at their home in Lymington, Hampshire. - John Lawrence
Abigail Butcher photographed with her dog Thala at their home in Lymington, Hampshire. – John Lawrence

We all think our animals and children are attractive; fact. But my dog, a five-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback called Thala, is a particularly fine specimen and commands huge swathes of (often unwanted) attention wherever we go.

With her intense, yellow eyes and distinctive strip of hair growing the wrong way down the length of her back, Thala is some kind of celebrity when we’re out. Often without asking me first, folk think nothing of trying to stroke her whether I’m eating, talking or walking with

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The secretive government agency planting ‘cyanide bombs’ across the US

<span>Photograph: AP</span>
Photograph: AP

The call came over Tony Manu’s police radio one March day in 2017: some sort of pipe had exploded in the hills outside Pocatello, Idaho and the son of a well-known local doctor was hurt, or worse.

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Manu, a long-time detective with the county sheriff’s office, was shocked. A pipe bomb in Pocatello?

“We were like, ‘Holy shit,’” says Manu. He hit the gas and screeched up winding mountain roads outside of town. “I thought maybe [the victim] was missing a leg or something. That is

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7 Must-Dos Before Hitting The Road, Summer 2020

ORANGE COUNTY, CA — Summer is upon us, and with many families hitting the road in RVs or persona vehicles, California Highway Patrol has some reminders for you. Most of our cars have sat idle while we were in quarantine. You can probably count the times you filled up on one hand, since the middle of March! In recent days, traffic on freeways and in town has picked up, and as summer progresses, that is only expected to continue.

After long periods of non-drive time, cars should be inspected for maintenance, the CHP says.

“We understand the public is eager

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Hotels and restaurants could get ‘consumer mark’ to reassure customers they are safe

Coronavirus Article Bar with counter ..
Coronavirus Article Bar with counter ..

Restaurants, hotels and pubs could be given a “consumer mark” to show they are safe for customers to go to, the director of Visit Britain has said. 

Boris Johnson will discuss reopening the hospitality sector and loosening the two-metre social-distancing rule in England with his top Cabinet colleagues and scientists today.

The Prime Minister and his most senior ministers will on Monday discuss the next steps for the lockdown with chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance and chief medical officer for England Professor Chris Whitty.

Mr Johnson will then on Tuesday outline the plans

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Animals killed at San Francisco zoo lead to unusual suspect, officials say

A mountain lion cub recently caught roaming the streets of San Francisco could be the culprit behind a trio of unexplained animal killings at the San Francisco Zoo, officials say.

A kangaroo and two wallaroos were found dead in their outdoor enclosure last

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