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Bico Fino – The Secret Weapon from Flies

A fly, mosquito, or any other insect in a cafe or restaurant may not only cause fear among visitors but also badly affect the overall reputation. Customers always want the highest-end service, but the presence of insects in a catering establishment will spoil their impression forever. The insects also harm farmers, butchers, bakers and that’s why those associated with the food industry are always looking for an effective but safe solution to get rid of them. If you are also searching for an anti-insects tool, we are here to tell you about a great option. 

Are Insects Really So Dangerous

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Kentucky animal shelters help rescue 270 pets from overcrowded shelter

The Kentucky and Lexington Human Societies traveled to Arkansas to move 240 dogs and 30 cats out of the Humane Society of Delta.

HELENA-WEST HELENA, Ark. — Two Kentucky shelters helped an animal nonprofit save nearly 300 cats and dogs living in an overcrowded Arkansas shelter.

The Kentucky and Lexington Human Societies traveled to Helena, Arkansas, alongside Bissell Pet Foundation and 14 other shelters to move 240 dogs and 30 cats out of the Humane Society of Delta.

Bissell said the shelter in rural Arkansas was overcrowded with few staff members and little hope of adoptions. Due to harsher winter

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Human breeding of cats has made them look like they are always in pain

As attested by internet-famous cats like Grumpy Cat and broccoli-hating Smudge, our cultural stereotype of cats is that they are often aggressive, standoffish or, well, grumpy. 

Now, a new study suggests that grumpy cat behavior, and particularly those with grumpy-looking faces, may be related to an accident of human breeding. Indeed, as humans bred our pet cats to look cuter and more appealing to their human companions, such facial changes may have affected their ability to communicate with each other.

“Our research suggests that our preferences for looks in animals may go beyond the mere ‘cute’ to also include animals

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Airlines Rules for Emotional Support Animals Have Dramatically Changed

For years, passengers have flown a host of pets as emotional support animals, including dogs, cats, pigs, and mini horses. With ambiguity around what an emotional support animal is (they were classified as service animals that were allowed on planes without any fee), airlines accommodated requests from fliers who asked their pet be flown with them to help ease anxiety and offer comfort, with a note from a mental health professional. Many have unsuccessfully tried to take their snakes, spiders, peacocks, and rodents with them.

Unlike service dogs, emotional support animals didn’t need to be trained, so airlines often dealt

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Deadly Dog, Cat Food Kills 80 Animals In Latest Recall

After issuing a recall on Dec. 30 after 28 dog deaths, Midwestern Pet Foods is expanding its pet food recall to include all dog and cat foods made with corn products because they may contain mold toxin aflatoxin in levels that are higher than the acceptable daily limits set by the Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA has started an investigation into the source of aflatoxin poisoning at Midwestern Pet Foods, which at high levels can cause illness and death in pets. To date, there have been 70 reports of pets dying from eating the food and 80 pet illnesses

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