Celebratory parades, foster pets make people feel less lonely

While people are itching for human connection after already spending so much time physically distant during the coronavirus quarantine, many are doing their part to bring individuals together in a safe way and to make them feel loved during a difficult time. For some, this means organizing events for an elderly relative living in a retirement home, while others are reaching out to children to help with school and hope for the future. Many have even turned to pets for the connection that we’re missing so much of today.

People are fostering pets to stay happy and healthy

Animal shelters across the country are experiencing a surge in applications from people looking to foster pets during this time. And although it’s a great thing for dogs and cats in need of a home, it’s also a way for people to manage their mental health and happiness. “In a time today of isolation and people physically distancing themselves, many appear to be experiencing a sense of loneliness. Animals act as a degree of social support,” says Dr. Aubrey Fine, a licensed psychologist and professor emeritus at Cal Poly State University, who has been using animals therapeutically for over four decades and studies the human-animal bond. “Sometimes we can sit next to an animal and solace and gain a tremendous amount of internal comfort.” So, while you can’t spend quality time with family and friends, you still don’t have to be alone.

Retirement home throws social distancing parade for residents

Family members and loved ones of Brookstone residents adorned their vehicles with signs and decorations before driving past the center. (Photo: Jenny Brinkle)
Family members and loved ones of Brookstone residents adorned their vehicles with signs and decorations before driving past the center. (Photo: Jenny Brinkle)

For residents of retirement homes across the country, social distancing has been especially hard as so many look forward to visits from their loved ones on a regular basis. But the staff at Brookstone Retirement Center in Lexington, N.C. wouldn’t keep these families apart. Instead, they organized a parade to enable friends and family of those living in the home to drive-by to see their loved one’s faces and send well wishes. Many of the residents themselves even held up signs to send their love.

Meet the Quarantones: A couple singing their way through quarantine

Meet the Quarantones — a married couple from Dallas, Texas who are quarantining with their four young children, and remaining sane by singing songs. Chris and Kristine Munselle tell Yahoo Life that although they met in high school choir, they hadn’t sung together since. But when the coronavirus hit and they found themselves stuck at home, learning new songs and sharing them with others seemed like the perfect pick-me-up. “For 33 of the last 35 days [of quarantine] we have recorded ourselves covering a classic song and posting them online,” says Chris. “It…makes every day unique where there is a lot of similarity, from day to day.”

TikTok tutor is helping students with math and science

Students are adjusting to online learning while schools across the country closed their doors during the pandemic. However, this new normal hasn’t stopped one high school student in New York from wanting to help fellow scholars. So, he’s taking advantage of the pivot to virtual education and sharing his math and science knowledge on TikTok. “I want scholars to feel assurance and build confidence. So if they don’t truly understand a topic they can watch my videos,” Alexis Loveraz tells Yahoo Life. As of Friday afternoon, he has 661,000 TikTok followers ready to get schooled.

5-year-old gets an unforgettable birthday parade

A birthday in quarantine isn’t what most kids dream of. But for Natalie Wolfe, who turned 5 on April 25, her birthday celebration became one that she’ll never forget. Her mom, Andrea Wolfe, tells Yahoo Life that the initial plan for the birthday party had to quickly be altered according to social distancing protocols, which resulted in a birthday parade. However, it became the most special one to date for the little girl who dreams of being a first responder once she got a surprise visit from local officers and firefighters.

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