Princeton Students To Run 13.1 Miles, Weave Beds For Shelter Pets

HILLSBOROUGH, NJ — Hillsborough siblings Jacob Newman, 12, and Emma, 10, who attend Laurel School of Princeton are doing their part to help support the Somerset Regional Animal Shelter, which is struggling amid the coronavirus closure.

On Sunday at 9 a.m. Jacob will be running his first half marathon, 13.1 miles, in Hillsborough and is looking for 100 people to sponsor his run with a $13 donation. For every $52 raised Jacob’s sister Emma will hand-weave a pet bed to be donated to the shelter.

After learning of the Patch article about the animal shelter struggling to survive, the siblings wanted to help and set up this fundraiser. Read More: Somerset Shelter Struggles To Survive Amid Coronavirus Closure

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“We didn’t want them to go out of business. We are a very pet friendly family, most of which are rescues,” said mom Courtney Newman.

Running literally runs in the Newman family as Courtney Newman is an avid runner and director of the HiTOPS Princeton Half Marathon. And Emma learned to weave from her grandma in Pennsylvania two years ago.

Putting their talents together they came up with this fundraiser.

“Mike and I think it’s awesome. We think everyone should support causes that are important to them and animals are a big part of their lives,” said Courtney Newman. “We aren’t surprised they picked the shelter. We are the founders of the local nonprofit Steps Together and anytime there is a vote to win a grant contest, the kids always vote for the animals over our own charity.”

On Sunday, Jacob’s dad Mike will run with him in a route they mapped out through the township that takes the shape of a dog. Courtney and Emma will ride in a car for support. Residents who live along the route are invited to come out and cheer them on.

See the route below:

To make Jacob’s run official, with a medal, Courtney and Mike registered Jacob for the virtual Super Hero Half Marathon. His medal will come in the mail and the $75 donation to this virtual event supports the health care workers at Morristown Hospital.

To donate to Jacob and Emma’s Somerset Regional Animal Shelter fundraiser click on Courtney’s Facebook post below.

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