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SCIOTO — “I think having an animal in your life makes you a better human.” Rachael Ray, American Television Personality says and for many animal lovers, there is not much that is more special than spending time with their animals.

This past year, pets became more important than ever as people were confined to their homes and were able to spend so much more quality time with their pets than they had in the past. People that didn’t have pets before also took to getting one while they were there to teach them and to keep them company when they were home alone for such a long period.

When looking up National Pet Day many sites stated that it began in 2006 when Animal Welfare Advocate Colleen Page decided she wanted to celebrate the joy that pets bring into people’s lives. As a Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, she wanted to celebrate all pets. She also advocated for the adoption of pets from animal shelters, she then created the holiday to create public awareness for the animals awaiting homes in shelters.

Pet Day celebrates the unconditional love that animals give to people in their daily lives. It also encourages people to take the time to spend time with their beloved animals. We at the Times wanted our friends to share some of their pets with a photo and tell just a little bit about them

Sonja Charlie Brown Campbell told the Daily Times about Rosie.

“Rosie was born May 31, 2019. He was abandoned by his mother the day he was born. After finding him in an empty rental property I took him home and began the task of bottle feeding him around the clock. He is now almost 2-years-old and my best friend. He follows me everywhere I go, lives to ride in the car and cries when I have to leave him. He truly is my sweet little angel,” Campbell said.

Brandie Banks shared about her pet Krosby, “This is Krosby our golden Doodle, she loves long naps and cuddles!”

Dr. Jerod Walker and his wife Stacey submitted a photo of their two beloved pets.

“Beau and Toby are pets’ names. Beau is four and the little one, Toby is almost three and he is the bigger one. They are red toy poodles. Beau likes naps and playing with his toys. Toby likes naps as well and eating treats.”

Becky Lovins sent submitted a photo of Clover, who she said has quite the attitude, not only that Clover likes to help Becky study and shows just what kind of help she is in the photo.

Portsmouth Daily Times Publisher Hope Comer shared her story about her new family member and the impact an animal can have on someone’s life.

“When I got my daughter Anna a puppy, I had no idea the impact Tucker James would have on me too. After just a few days of caring for this little guy I found myself with a smile on my face that I had missed for a long time,” Comer said. “I now understand the pet craze and when someone says their pet is part of the family. When you are ready to take care of a pet, they are definitely a blessing and could just fill a spot in your heart.”

Big or small, cat, dog, turtle, hamster or any other pet, people who share their lives with them, seem to enjoy every minute. A special salute goes out to all the pets who took care of their people during the pandemic, Happy National Pet Day to you.

The Daily Times would also love to start having the pet of the week again in our Monday E-Edition. If you would like to see your pet’s best photo or any fun photo, tell us a bit about them with their photo, send the photo and words to kjenkins@aimmediamidwest.com or pdtnews@aimmediamidwest.com Attention: Kim

This little sweetie is Rosie.

This is Anna with her pet Tucker.

This ball of fur is the cat with the attitude, Clover.

This cutie is Krosby.

These bundles of joy and energy are Beau and Toby.

Sunday slated as National Pet Day

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