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Chinese pet health insurance to verify animals via noseprint recognition tech before processing claims

A woman with her pet dog, both wearing face mask - Getty Images Contributor
A woman with her pet dog, both wearing face mask – Getty Images Contributor

Noseprint recognition technology that identifies pets via the sticky, twitchy grooves on their black and pink noses – as unique as human fingerprints – will be used by a new pet health insurance program in China to verify animals before processing claims.

The technology collates photos of a dog or cat’s nose from multiple angles, much like how smartphones register fingerprints for biometric identification by collecting repeated finger scans.

Each furry client’s noseprint will then be kept on file by the pet insurance program, offered by

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Puppy dies at Zion National Park in toxic algae bloom that is dangerous to humans, animals

A mom and son took their nearly six-month-old husky puppy Keanna for a hike through Zion National Park while on a cross-country road trip. They left confused, shocked and with broken hearts as they carried out their dying dog. 

On the Fourth of July weekend, Vanessa Weichberger and her son Francis were wading and splashing through the Virgin River on the Pa’rus Trail with hundreds of people.

Suddenly Keanna, a 10th birthday present for Francis who only joined the family two months ago, started looking and acting strange.

Her eyes were developing something that looked like a cat’s second eyelids,

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‘Significant step’ in development of vaccine for animals

University of Plymouth
University of Plymouth

Two potential vaccines designed to tackle Covid-19 in animals have proved successful in laboratory tests, scientists say.

Researchers at the Vaccine Group, which works with the University of Plymouth, said the development marks a significant step forward in eliminating Sars-CoV-2 in existing animal sources.

Such vaccines could also be used to ensure that cats and other pets do not incubate the virus in future outbreaks.

The company is also investigating the potential of human vaccines, with the next stage of development key to assess their efficacy for use in people.

“There have already been a number of

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Animals killed at San Francisco zoo lead to unusual suspect, officials say

A mountain lion cub recently caught roaming the streets of San Francisco could be the culprit behind a trio of unexplained animal killings at the San Francisco Zoo, officials say.

A kangaroo and two wallaroos were found dead in their outdoor enclosure last

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We can’t go back to normal after the coronavirus pandemic. We must start respecting animals and nature

Fifi is a chimpanzee in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. Unlike the ideal image you may have about African wildlife, she lives in a cage, all alone, in the parking lot of a guesthouse in the middle of a city. The sheet metal in one corner of her cage has peeled back, evidence she’s been trying to escape. It must scratch her or even cut her to pull on the sharp metal and squeeze her limbs through.

A pile of crumpled water bottles near her cage indicate how she was given water, but the bottles are so crushed that they don’t stand

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