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Home for the holidays: How you can foster a pet for Thanksgiving | Pets & Animals

TEMPE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) – A Tempe-based animal rescue organization hopes you can give some of their dogs and cats a break from shelter life over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue in Tempe is launching short-term foster care for its animals starting next week. Right now, the rescue has about 100 dogs and cats available to foster.

“Getting these pets out is really twofold,” said Josie Gaieck of Lost Our Home Pet Rescue explained. “One. Yes, it’s great for the pets to get out, have that break, have that little loving environment, but also with COVID-19, it’s

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Jeffree Star, James Charles, and other influencers are facing backlash for ‘exploiting animals’ and posing with monkeys to promote a fashion brand

jeffree star monkey
Jeffree Star poses with a capuchin monkey to promote fashion brand Bananas Monkey. Jeffree Star/Instagram
  • Fashion brand Bananas Monkey recently sent a baboon and capuchin monkey to the homes of Jeffree Star, James Charles, and other influencers to promote its clothing.

  • Though it’s unclear who created the fashion company, some people think controversial YouTubers Austin and Catherine McBroom of the Ace Family are behind it.

  • People online are now arguing that the photos and videos exploit animals and encourage people to seek out wild species as pets that they can’t properly care for.

  • Debbie Metzler of PETA also told Insider

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Covid Infections in Animals Prompt Scientific Concern

The decision this week by the Danish government to kill millions of mink because of coronavirus concerns, effectively wiping out a major national industry, has put the spotlight on simmering worries among scientists and conservationists about the vulnerability of animals to the pandemic virus, and what infections among animals could mean for humans.

The most disturbing possibility is that the virus could mutate in animals and become more transmissible or more dangerous to humans. In Denmark, the virus has shifted from humans to mink and back to humans, and has mutated in the process. Mink are the only animals known

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How to keep animals safe and calm at home on Bonfire Night

 (Getty Images/iStockphoto)
(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Although the restarting of an England-wide lockdown will mean many people have put their Bonfire Night plans on ice, there are likely to still be some fireworks set off during the course of the evening.

The 5 November is exciting for humans – but the celebrations that coincide with this time of year can be particularly stressful for pets.

In fact, the loud bangs and bright flashes that come with fireworks frighten an estimated 45 per cent of dogs in the UK, the RSPCA claims.

The reason that fireworks are particularly terrifying for dogs is because they can

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An ode to the various animals found at UC Berkeley

Oh, the animals that call UC Berkeley home are great! They are unique, silly and surprisingly plentiful. From the squirrels to the turkeys, it’s always nice to catch a glimpse of these creatures. They are a lively part of campus, and now that school is online, I dearly miss them. They deserve some appreciation, and that’s exactly what I’ll give.

The squirrels are probably some of the most obvious animals on campus. Any appreciation that didn’t include these iconic animals would therefore be incomplete. These fuzzy rodents are often by the trees or anywhere someone might have food. They scamper

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