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Jamie Lynn Spears Clarifies Calling Tesla Cars A ‘Secret Cat Killer’ After Backlash From Fans

Jamie Lynn Spears has posted an update on social media to stress that she didn’t run over any pets after having called her Tesla car a “secret cat killer.”

The Zoey 101 actress took to her Instagram Story on Friday and warned Elon Musk that his vehicles aren’t as safe as they are made out to be.

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Jeffree Star, James Charles, and other influencers are facing backlash for ‘exploiting animals’ and posing with monkeys to promote a fashion brand

jeffree star monkey
Jeffree Star poses with a capuchin monkey to promote fashion brand Bananas Monkey. Jeffree Star/Instagram
  • Fashion brand Bananas Monkey recently sent a baboon and capuchin monkey to the homes of Jeffree Star, James Charles, and other influencers to promote its clothing.

  • Though it’s unclear who created the fashion company, some people think controversial YouTubers Austin and Catherine McBroom of the Ace Family are behind it.

  • People online are now arguing that the photos and videos exploit animals and encourage people to seek out wild species as pets that they can’t properly care for.

  • Debbie Metzler of PETA also told Insider

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