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Cats Are Getting Sick of Their Owners in Lockdown

This article was originally published on VICE France.

With most of Europe in lockdown, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But staying at home for months on end hasn’t been quite as horrendous for some pet owners.

As a study published by the science journal PLOS Medicine found, our domesticated friends – be they cats, dogs, bunnies or raccoons – have been a huge help in getting us through the day and generally boosting our mental health in lockdown. “Owning a pet seems to lessen some of the lockdowns’ more harmful

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Human breeding of cats has made them look like they are always in pain

As attested by internet-famous cats like Grumpy Cat and broccoli-hating Smudge, our cultural stereotype of cats is that they are often aggressive, standoffish or, well, grumpy. 

Now, a new study suggests that grumpy cat behavior, and particularly those with grumpy-looking faces, may be related to an accident of human breeding. Indeed, as humans bred our pet cats to look cuter and more appealing to their human companions, such facial changes may have affected their ability to communicate with each other.

“Our research suggests that our preferences for looks in animals may go beyond the mere ‘cute’ to also include animals

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States that favored cats or dogs during coronavirus pandemic: Report

The U.S. is split on cats and dogs.

Adoption data analyzed by home improvement website Porch.com determined which states favored which pet in 2020.


It turns out that the West Coast has been “cat country” with the exception of Oregon and the East Coast has been “dog country” with an exception of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, according to Porch, which used the independent nonprofit Shelter Animals Count as a source.

U.S. states most likely to adopt a cat

    Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho,

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Woman Collecting Valentine’s Day Treats For Shelter Dogs, Cats

LONG ISLAND, NY — Homeless cats and dogs on Long Island have a caring cupid working to make their Valentine’s Day special.

The wall of love is growing as a caring volunteer collects Valentine's Day treats for cats and dogs.

© Courtesy Valerie Sanks.
The wall of love is growing as a caring volunteer collects Valentine’s Day treats for cats and dogs.

Valerie Sanks, of Rocky Point, is a volunteer for the Brookhaven Animal Shelter who made headlines recently when she asked for donations to build a wall of peanut butter for shelter dogs to enjoy.


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Now, Sanks is working to make Valentine’s Day sweeter for dogs and cats, she said on the Blankets for Buster

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Paw Patrol Dayton rescue group seeks donations for cats and dogs

She says all animals need the basics: food, fresh water, shelter and the ability to exercise.

She says it’s especially difficult for pets that are trying their best to survive outside, are living in a home where they aren’t treated well, or are in a shelter. “Our goal is to better the lives of pets by rescuing and re-homing as many as we can reasonably take into our foster program,” Knox says. “In addition, we help owned animals in the community by providing outdoor houses, heated water bowls, and food, along with heavily subsidizing the cost of spaying and neutering

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