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States that favored cats or dogs during coronavirus pandemic: Report

The U.S. is split on cats and dogs.

Adoption data analyzed by home improvement website Porch.com determined which states favored which pet in 2020.


It turns out that the West Coast has been “cat country” with the exception of Oregon and the East Coast has been “dog country” with an exception of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, according to Porch, which used the independent nonprofit Shelter Animals Count as a source.

U.S. states most likely to adopt a cat

    Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho,

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During coronavirus, animal shelters don’t have enough dogs for the demand

“We thought people would stop adopting because they would need to conserve their money,” said Cindy Sharpley, founder and director of Last Chance Animal Rescue, a nonprofit animal shelter in Waldorf. “But that hasn’t happened. It’s been just the opposite. They’re going like hot cakes. We can hardly keep them in stock.”

Last Chance saw its pet adoptions — mostly dogs — increase 30 to 40 percent last year over 2019. Lucky Dog Animal Rescue in Arlington said it expected to finish 2020 helping about 3,385 pets find homes, up from about 1,800 the year before.

Mirah Horowitz, executive director

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How Mink, Like Humans, Were Slammed by the Coronavirus

Mink, like people, often die from infection with the virus, and nobody knows why. “This is a key thing,” Dr. Perlman said. “Why do people get sick? Why do we react so differently to these viruses.” He said he had thought about studying mink, but the challenges, involving their genetic diversity and the lack of an established set of biochemical tools for studying infections in them, made the prospect difficult.

Some parts of the mink puzzle fit easily together. They live in crowded conditions in rows of cages on mink farms, like people

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284 More Illinoisans Died This Weekend From The Coronavirus

ILLINOIS — Saturday was the second deadliest day of the pandemic for Illinois, with 208 more deaths from COVID-19. The same day, the state reported 9,887 new cases of the coronavirus that causes the deadly illness. Another 76 Illinoisans died Sunday, when the state reported an additional 7,598 cases of the virus.

On Monday, state health officials reported 8,691 new cases of the virus and 90 more deaths, for a total of 796,264 infections and 13,343 deaths across the state. The latest deaths include:

  • Champaign County: 1 female 90s

  • Cook County: 1 female 30s, 2 males 40s, 4 females 50s,

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Can dogs and cats get coronavirus from humans?

 (Rex Features)
(Rex Features)

Throughout the pandemic there have been questions about how seriously coronavirus impacts those who contract it, an outcome dependent on age, underlying conditions, weight, and a host of other factors. But what about other mammals?

As the World Health Organisation (WHO) says all the available evidence suggests that SARS-CoV-2 is a zoonotic disease – one that passes from animals to humans – questions have also been raised about the potential impact of Covid-19 on domesticated pets as well as their human owners.

On 30 November, it was reported that Boris Johnson’s dog Dilyn, who lives at 10 Downing

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