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Deadly Dog, Cat Food Kills 80 Animals In Latest Recall

After issuing a recall on Dec. 30 after 28 dog deaths, Midwestern Pet Foods is expanding its pet food recall to include all dog and cat foods made with corn products because they may contain mold toxin aflatoxin in levels that are higher than the acceptable daily limits set by the Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA has started an investigation into the source of aflatoxin poisoning at Midwestern Pet Foods, which at high levels can cause illness and death in pets. To date, there have been 70 reports of pets dying from eating the food and 80 pet illnesses

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Turkey dinner staples that can be deadly for cats and dogs

Thankful pet owners should be wary of feeding their furballs from the table this Turkey Day.

Cats and dogs are known for upping the ante on their treat-begging come Thanksgiving’s turkey and pumpkin pie-fueled feasts. But as tasty as the holiday’s popular foods and ingredients are to people, many are highly toxic to animals.

“Black Friday is known in both veterinary clinics and emergency hospitals as a notoriously busy day for all sorts of gastrointestinal issues in dogs,” Erin Sawyer, chief medical officer and co-founder of the dog training app GoodPup, told The Post.

She advised uninviting pets from the

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Rescuers ‘Searching and Caring for Surviving Animals’ in Wreckage After Deadly Beirut Explosion

Courtesy of Animals Lebanon and FOUR PAWS

A team of rescuers is working to save the animals still caught in the wreckage of the deadly explosion that rocked Beirut, Lebanon, earlier this month.

On Aug. 4, at least 220 people were killed and 5,000 injured in the incident, according to BBC News. Lebanese officials believe the explosion was caused by thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate stored in a warehouse located in Beirut’s port that somehow ignited. Many who were in the vicinity of the blast are still missing.

To help save animals caught in the aftermath, FOUR PAWS, a

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