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Dog food recall expanded to include several brands, multiple countries

Beagle mix eating dog food from orange bowl on floor
Beagle mix eating dog food from orange bowl on floor

Don’t worry, this lil’ fella is just fine

Last week, the FDA announced that a recall by Sunshine Mills, maker of several brands of pet food products, was being expanded to include more products under more brand labels, shipped not only nationwide but also to distributors in Japan and Colombia. Though the recall had initially been announced by Sunshine Mills in September after the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry discovered concerning toxins in samples of the company’s dog food, the recall list now includes roughly twice as many products

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A Dog Food Recall Has Been Issued Over Toxin Concerns And It Involves More Than A Dozen Brands

Photo credit: Tim Graham - Getty Images
Photo credit: Tim Graham – Getty Images

From Good Housekeeping

The FDA has issued a dog food recall that affects more than a dozen brand names over concerns they could contain unsafe levels of aflatoxin.

Sunshine Mills announced a recall in early September on six different types of dog food after a product sample was found by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry to contain an unsafe level of aflatoxin. Now, the recall has been expanded to additional kinds of dog food within specific lot codes. This recall includes specific lot codes from foods like Whiskers & Tails Adult

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Dog owner charged after woman mauled to death by animals

A South Carolina dog owner whose pets fatally mauled a woman has been charged in her death, authorities said.

Jeffery Sullivan was arrested Friday after the body of 32-year-old Jacqueline Nicole Robinson was found last week in the yard of a Gray Court home, news station WYFF reported.

Deputies determined that Robinson was killed by a pack of dogs, which were removed from neighboring premises.

They later identified Sullivan as the owner of the three dogs responsible for killing her, news station WHNS reported. No details were released about the canines’ breeds.

Sullivan now faces charges for involuntary manslaughter and

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How to Keep Your Dog, Cat, and Other Pets Safe From COVID-19

Photo credit: AJ_Watt - Getty Images
Photo credit: AJ_Watt – Getty Images

From Prevention

As you keep your distance from fellow humans to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it’s only natural to wonder whether your pets are also safe. Unfortunately, evidence shows that cats, dogs, and other animals can contract SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus responsible for COVID-19.

In August, the first dog to test positive for COVID-19 in North Carolina died after showing signs of respiratory distress, ABC News reported. A member of the dog’s family had tested positive for COVID-19, but later tested negative. Amid the early stages of the pandemic, a dog in Hong

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Dog Adoption Rates Have Sky-Rocketed. Here’s How to Bring Home You’re Own Furry Friend

Photo credit: Tony Garcia - Getty Images
Photo credit: Tony Garcia – Getty Images

From Woman’s Day

When a person decides it’s time to adopt a dog, they usually fall into one of two categories: They become so excited about the prospect of never-ending puppy snuggles they assume the entire process will be a cakewalk, or they’re so nervous and anxious they descend down a rabbit hole of Google searches and read a plethora of “how to adopt a pet” guides.

In reality, adopting a dog is a little bit of both: You’re excited, and scared, and nervous, and can’t wait to have a furry friend to

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