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Indonesia ‘dog doctor’ rescues canines from pandemic peril

Indonesian doctor Susana Somali and her staff cut tightly-bound plastic ropes off dozens of whimpering dogs rescued from the butcher’s block after being sold or abandoned during the coronavirus pandemic.

Somali’s sprawling Jakarta complex, home to about 1,400 canines, has become a refuge for at-risk animals as cash-strapped owners sell them into the Southeast Asian nation’s controversial dog meat trade.

Mostly acting on tip-offs, Somali and her team hit the streets looking for stray dogs and butcher shops where more and more doomed animals are spending their last days howling in cramped cages.

Somali — who juggles a day job

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Watch Kate Beckinsale Do Yoga With Her Cat And Dog In These 2 Hilarious Videos

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

From Women’s Health

  • Kate Beckinsale posted two hilarious videos of herself doing yoga while her cat and dog sat on her mat.

  • Kate made a joke in the caption about how it’s possible she smelled like “droppings.”

  • The actress also works out with trainer Brad Siskind.

Actress Kate Beckinsale and her pets have been spending lots of time together during quarantine. And the furballs (she has two Persian cats, Clive and Willow, and two dogs named Ingrid and Myf) love to be close to her when she’s doing her at-home yoga workouts.

She shared a couple funny

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Can I give my dog or cat COVID-19? The CDC has tips on keeping your pets safe

As people spend more time indoors with other family members, the concern about passing the coronavirus to a loved one is one of our daily stressors. As cases soar in Florida, and Miami-Dade is closing restaurants to in-person dining except for outdoor seating, more people are expected to stay at home, increasing the risk of transmitting the virus..

And what if one of your loved ones is a dog or a cat?

Can our pets get COVID-19 from its human?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the answer is yes.

“A small number of pets worldwide —

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Pay $25 To Adopt Dog Or Cat In Hayward: Help Empty The Shelters

HAYWARD, CA — Thanks to BISSELL Pet Foundation, Hayward-area residents can adopt a new best friend for $25 or less during the upcoming “Empty The Shelters” event, July 10-12.

Hayward Animal Services is among more than 160 animal shelter and animal rescue organizations across the nation partnering in the reduced-fee adoption event July 10-12 which aims to find fur-ever homes for thousands of cats and dogs.

Also, because fostering pets has become so prevalent amid the coronavirus stay-home orders, BISSELL Pet Foundation says this year it will honor foster-to-adopt cases that start as fosters during the weekend of July 10-12

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Why you need to stop touching my dog without asking

Abigail Butcher photographed with her dog Thala at their home in Lymington, Hampshire. - John Lawrence
Abigail Butcher photographed with her dog Thala at their home in Lymington, Hampshire. – John Lawrence

We all think our animals and children are attractive; fact. But my dog, a five-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback called Thala, is a particularly fine specimen and commands huge swathes of (often unwanted) attention wherever we go.

With her intense, yellow eyes and distinctive strip of hair growing the wrong way down the length of her back, Thala is some kind of celebrity when we’re out. Often without asking me first, folk think nothing of trying to stroke her whether I’m eating, talking or walking with

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