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Deadly Dog, Cat Food Kills 80 Animals In Latest Recall

After issuing a recall on Dec. 30 after 28 dog deaths, Midwestern Pet Foods is expanding its pet food recall to include all dog and cat foods made with corn products because they may contain mold toxin aflatoxin in levels that are higher than the acceptable daily limits set by the Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA has started an investigation into the source of aflatoxin poisoning at Midwestern Pet Foods, which at high levels can cause illness and death in pets. To date, there have been 70 reports of pets dying from eating the food and 80 pet illnesses

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Steps for selecting the right pet food

With so many options to choose from, pet owners may not know where to begin when looking for acceptable food for their companion animals. Valley News/Courtesy photo

TEMECULA – Newly minted pet parents must make many decisions as they welcome their pets into their homes. The food pet owners choose is one of the most important decisions pet owners must make. A high-quality, well-balanced diet can strengthen the immune system, help pets maintain a healthy weight and keep fur shiny and sleek.

It wasn’t too long ago that only a few different brands of pet food were available to consumers.

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Dog food recall expanded to include several brands, multiple countries

Beagle mix eating dog food from orange bowl on floor
Beagle mix eating dog food from orange bowl on floor

Don’t worry, this lil’ fella is just fine

Last week, the FDA announced that a recall by Sunshine Mills, maker of several brands of pet food products, was being expanded to include more products under more brand labels, shipped not only nationwide but also to distributors in Japan and Colombia. Though the recall had initially been announced by Sunshine Mills in September after the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry discovered concerning toxins in samples of the company’s dog food, the recall list now includes roughly twice as many products

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A Dog Food Recall Has Been Issued Over Toxin Concerns And It Involves More Than A Dozen Brands

Photo credit: Tim Graham - Getty Images
Photo credit: Tim Graham – Getty Images

From Good Housekeeping

The FDA has issued a dog food recall that affects more than a dozen brand names over concerns they could contain unsafe levels of aflatoxin.

Sunshine Mills announced a recall in early September on six different types of dog food after a product sample was found by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry to contain an unsafe level of aflatoxin. Now, the recall has been expanded to additional kinds of dog food within specific lot codes. This recall includes specific lot codes from foods like Whiskers & Tails Adult

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Wild animals are forced into conflict by reliance on human food, study finds

Leaving food in your garden for wild animals might seem like kindness, but it actually forces them into competition for resources and causes conflict with humans, scientists have warned. 

US academics studied carnivores including foxes and martens in seven areas of the Great Lakes region, in the northeastern US.

In some cases the animals drew more than 50 per cent of their diet from human sources.

The findings suggest that the British habit of leaving food out for animals like foxes could be having unintended consequences.

The study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found

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