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Animals killed at San Francisco zoo lead to unusual suspect, officials say

A mountain lion cub recently caught roaming the streets of San Francisco could be the culprit behind a trio of unexplained animal killings at the San Francisco Zoo, officials say.

A kangaroo and two wallaroos were found dead in their outdoor enclosure last

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Appeal to Boris Johnson to lead G20 drive for worldwide ban

Wildlife experts are appealing to Boris Johnson to call for a global wildlife trade ban at the next G20 summit of global leaders to prevent a future pandemic.

The Campaign to End Wildlife Trade, which says selling wild animals and their body parts risks more outbreaks of deadly viruses, wants the UK to lead a worldwide drive to halt the trade.

G20 leaders are due to meet in November, but current and former world leaders, including Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and Sir John Major, are calling for an urgent coronavirus meeting to be convened.

Scientists suspect the wildlife market in

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