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The Amazing Pets Show: Branson production offers year-round fun at Grand Country Music Hall | Entertainment

While many Branson shows are taking some time off in the coming weeks, one show is offering guests an amazing time year round.

The Amazing Pets Show at Grand County Country Music Hall is providing winter visitors the chance to catch their show every Saturday and Sunday at 10 a.m. for the next couple of months. 

Just as the title of the show suggests, audiences in attendance will be treated to some amazing pets, including dogs, cats and even a couple of colorful birds. While any child watching the show will probably tell you afterward that the pets are the

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Emotional support animals rule for airlines offers a reasonable, horse-sense compromise

You’re reading Our View, one of two perspectives in Today’s Debate.

For the Opposing View, read “New DOT rule is fundamentally unfair.”

Airline passengers, who already have plenty to worry about amid the pandemic, will soon have one less source of stress: They won’t have to share their cramped row with an “emotional support” swine, turkey, marmoset monkey or unruly dog.

Under a new rule issued last week by the Transportation Department, airlines will no longer be required to carry support animals in their cabins. It’s about time.

The rule, which goes into effect early next year, is a hard-won

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Humane society offers Thanksgiving tips to keep pets happy and healthy

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – As people begin preparing food for a Thanksgiving feast on Thursday, Nov. 26, the San Diego Humane Society has a few tips to make the celebration safer for people and their pets.
Feed pets their normal food. According to SDHS, it’s best to stick to their regular diet of wet and/or dry food and usual treats to keep their digestive tracts happy. Avoid sharing prepared holiday dishes, which might have ingredients that could make your pet sick.
If pet owners really want to share some of the meal with their pets, and they

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Animal Rescue League offers foster housing for pets with owners facing housing instability

For residents at the risk of losing housing, the Animal Rescue League of Boston has a plan to keep owners and pets paired together through tough times.

Residents who may be forced to vacate their homes as a result of the state’s eviction moratorium expiration five days ago will be able to register their pets for temporary housing assistance, the ARL announced Thursday. The program is free of charge.

“People are sometimes forced to give up pets. That’s something that’s always been on our radar,” said Aimee Christian, vice president of animal welfare and veterinary medicine at ARL. “That’s been

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Toothless senior dog offers comfort to people who hate going to the dentist

A toothless Chihuahua named Kismet is giving dental patients something to smile about.

Each day, the diminutive dog heads to Corte Madera Family Dentistry in the Bay Area of California with her owners, Dr. Cameron Garrett and his wife, Debra Garrett. Everyone in the family has a job: Dr. Garrett is a dentist, Debra Garrett is a dental hygienist and Kismet is a dental therapy dog, who is available to snuggle in the laps of patients during exams, cleanings and even root canals.


While a few clients are fearful of dogs — in which case, Kismet stays behind a

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