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Katie Price devastated over petition to ban her owning pets after animals die in her care

Katie Price is said to be “devastated” after some 7,600 people signed a petition to ban her from owning animals for life following the deaths of a number of animals in her care.

Katie was left distraught over summer when her gorgeous puppy Rolo died in a horrifying accident.

The little French Bulldog, who she bought for daughter Princess’s 13th birthday, suffocated to death after getting stuck under an electric armchair at Katie’s home.

She fought valiantly to resuscitate the pup, administering CPR and rushing him to the vet, where she learned it was sadly too late.

Rolo’s death was

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By owning a pet, you are doing more damage to the environment than you might realise

In the UK, an estimated 10.9 million own a cat, up from six million in 1981  (Getty Images)
In the UK, an estimated 10.9 million own a cat, up from six million in 1981 (Getty Images)

When pets can emit twice the carbon emissions of our homes’ electricity and kill up to 200 million wild prey in the UK every year, we cannot stay silent. Unfortunately, in many cases pet ownership is simply another form of destructive consumerism. 

For obvious reasons, truth-telling about pets to friends can be a painful process but it is not something we should shy away from. 

The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) conducts an annual survey of UK pet ownership. In 2019,

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