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Trisha Yearwood Worked with Her Rescue Dogs to Create Her New ‘Practical and Pretty’ Pet Line

Courtesy Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection

From an early age, Trisha Yearwood was certain about two things: she wanted to grow up to be a professional singer, and she loved animals.

“Since I was a little girl, I have always been the ‘Daddy, can I keep it?’ girl,” Yearwood, 56, tells PEOPLE about her history with rescue pets.

Now, the three-time Grammy Award-winning country superstar is ready to share that passion for pets with the world. On April 15, Yearwood is launching the Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection — a carefully crafted line of dog treats, beds, bags, collars, and more.


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Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter Supports Food Banks and Shelters Amid COVID-19 Related Pet Food Shortage

The cat is out of the bag, and starting to run low on food. Much like toilet paper and cleaning supplies at the beginning of the pandemic, the US is now seeing a shortage of pet food. There are many reasons for the shortage, including overzealous shoppers, bad weather, Covid-19 delays, and a massive rise in pet ownership.

Pet food manufacturer Royal Canin recently released this statement online:

“We take full responsibility for this, and deeply regret the impact that these issues may have on you and your pets that we are so privileged to feed,” Royal Canin said. “We

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Select Midwestern Pet Foods’ dog and cat food recalled for potential salmonella risk

Months after Midwestern Pet Foods Inc. recalled dozens of products potentially linked to the deaths of more than 70 dogs, the company is voluntarily recalling select dog and cat food that may be contaminated with salmonella.

The Evansville, Indiana, family-owned company says the new recall is for specific lots and expiration dates of 10 of its dog and cat food brands in a recall notice posted on the Food and Drug Administration website Tuesday.

The recalled products were distributed to retail stores nationwide and to online retailers. Consumers are advised to “not feed the recalled products to pets or any

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Most pet owners say they’d pay extra to bring animals on a plane: Survey

While some major airlines have cracked down on emotional support animals, most pet owners are willing to pay top dollar for their animal companions – whether they provide emotional support or not.

According to a new consumer survey by Value Penguin, 80% of pet owners say they would pay more money to secure a cabin seat for their pet versus the cargo hold.

One in five respondents even said they’d be willing to shell out more than $300 to get their pet on a

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How to prepare your pet for post-pandemic life

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing everyone to shelter in place indefinitely, many people have sought companionship in pets. In fact, according to a survey from Porch and Shelter Animals Count, Americans have adopted more than 750,000 animals since the start of the pandemic, and the adoption rate in 2020 was 54 percent, a 3 percent increase from the previous year.

Spending lockdown with a furry friend was fun (and, for many, therapeutic), but after more than a year of working from home and seldom leaving the house, these pets are accustomed to always having their owners around. And now that

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