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Can I give my dog or cat COVID-19? The CDC has tips on keeping your pets safe

As people spend more time indoors with other family members, the concern about passing the coronavirus to a loved one is one of our daily stressors. As cases soar in Florida, and Miami-Dade is closing restaurants to in-person dining except for outdoor seating, more people are expected to stay at home, increasing the risk of transmitting the virus..

And what if one of your loved ones is a dog or a cat?

Can our pets get COVID-19 from its human?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the answer is yes.

“A small number of pets worldwide —

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Adorable Adoptable Pets From The SPCA Of Anne Arundel County

ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, MD — While coronavirus continues to dominate the news, a fresh, furry story is just what people need. Here are this week’s adorable adoptables from the SPCA of Anne Arundel. Each pet is looking for a forever home.

Cody Boy loves treats and is very good at sitting for them. He is said to especially like watermelon and carrots for a snack. Huskies tend to be stubborn, so an adopter with husky experience would be preferred. Cody Boy is crate trained, but can be protective of his food and his space especially around small kids and other

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How to keep your pets safe and calm during fireworks

Consider leaving your dog at home during Fourth of July celebrations.
Consider leaving your dog at home during Fourth of July celebrations.


Although fireworks can be entertaining for humans, they’re oftentimes a complete nightmare for animals.

Cats have extremely sensitive ears, so fireworks are extra traumatic for them. Plus many dogs will typically do anything to escape the noise, such as digging under fences, breaking through windows, or running through gates, according to Hilary Hanson’s reporting for the San Diego County Department of Animal Services.

Here are some ways to keep your pet safe and calm during firework displays. 

Make sure your pets’ collars and microchips are up to date

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17 Ways Pets Help People Cope With Loneliness

[Left] Cat looking a woman's hair. [Right] A woman hugging a happy dog
[Left] Cat looking a woman’s hair. [Right] A woman hugging a happy dog

For people with pets, many of us have special bonds with our animals. They get happy when we’re happy, and when something is wrong, they can tell something is up. If you’re ever feeling lonely about being isolated from other people, your pet may try and put a smile on your face — or just make you smile without even trying.

While most people have now experienced being isolated from other people because of the coronavirus pandemic, it can be a norm for many people who live

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Blue-green algae harmful to pets, people found in Lancaster lake; county closes park

A popular fishing and recreation spot in Lancaster County has been closed after a blue-green algae that is harmful to pets and people was found in the water, officials said.

Bear Creek Park on South Potter Road is closed after cyanobacteria was found in the lake water adjacent to the park, said Steve Willis, Lancaster County administrator..

The park will remain closed until county and state officials from the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control determine the water is safe for fishing and water sports, Willis said.

“The Parks and Recreation Department always has as their first priority the

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