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Puppy dies at Zion National Park in toxic algae bloom that is dangerous to humans, animals

A mom and son took their nearly six-month-old husky puppy Keanna for a hike through Zion National Park while on a cross-country road trip. They left confused, shocked and with broken hearts as they carried out their dying dog. 

On the Fourth of July weekend, Vanessa Weichberger and her son Francis were wading and splashing through the Virgin River on the Pa’rus Trail with hundreds of people.

Suddenly Keanna, a 10th birthday present for Francis who only joined the family two months ago, started looking and acting strange.

Her eyes were developing something that looked like a cat’s second eyelids,

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I went to a puppy yoga class and this is what it was like

Pets Yoga
Pets Yoga

Doing a downward dog while surrounded by actual barking dogs is not the most calming of endeavours (and yes, it does slightly undermine the whole point of yoga) but I found out it can actually offer a whole host of other mental and physical benefits.

Pets yoga might sound like just another wellness craze – joining the likes of aerial yoga, naked yoga, and even goat yoga – but the unique combination of physical exercise and mood-boosting furry friends could just make it the best workout you’ve ever had.

In London, there are just a handful of companies

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In a US now in puppy love, Labs still tops, but corgis rise

NEW YORK (AP) — America’s dogs are having their day as the coronavirus keeps many people at home more with their pets and spurs so much adoption and fostering that some shelters’ kennels have emptied.

But while much is changing for people and pooches around the country, here’s something holding as steady as a dog with a favorite toy: Labrador retrievers remain the nation’s most popular purebreds for a record-extending 29th year, according to American Kennel Club rankings being released Friday.

The rest of the top 10 includes German shepherds; golden retrievers; French bulldogs; bulldogs; poodles; beagles; Rottweilers; German shorthaired

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If you’re adopting a dog in the pandemic, steer clear of puppy mills, Humane Society warns

The Humane Society of the United States is urging those looking to adopt a pet during the pandemic to steer clear of the hundreds of puppy mills that remain in business despite years of animal care violations.

“We urge the public not to purchase dogs from pet stores or websites, because puppy mills hide behind these fronts,” said Kitty Block, president and CEO of the animal welfare advocacy organization. “We also ask families to consider adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue organization as their first option.”

Each May the organization releases “The Horrible Hundred,” a report detailing violations

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