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How do I watch ‘The Pet Set?’ Betty White’s long-lost show

As Betty White turned 99 years-old, she announced a re-lease of her largely unseen 1970s show where she visits with celebrities, their pets and other animals.

The legendary Betty White has announced the re-release of what she calls a “long-lost series” that she and her late husband Allen Ludden produced in the early 1970s called “The Pet Set.”

Betty White has been promoting the re-release of the show to streaming services, which will be available Feb. 23 on Apple TV, Prime Video and Google Play, according to Eonline.

“Welcome to The Pet Set!,” episodes of the show begin, where viewers

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Watch Kate Beckinsale Do Yoga With Her Cat And Dog In These 2 Hilarious Videos

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

From Women’s Health

  • Kate Beckinsale posted two hilarious videos of herself doing yoga while her cat and dog sat on her mat.

  • Kate made a joke in the caption about how it’s possible she smelled like “droppings.”

  • The actress also works out with trainer Brad Siskind.

Actress Kate Beckinsale and her pets have been spending lots of time together during quarantine. And the furballs (she has two Persian cats, Clive and Willow, and two dogs named Ingrid and Myf) love to be close to her when she’s doing her at-home yoga workouts.

She shared a couple funny

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Watch Out For Ticks As You Head Back Outside in Sharon

SHARON, MA — With the end of stay-at-home orders, and outdoor social gatherings being advised over indoor ones in the early stages of the state’s reopening, Sharon residents are advised to keep an eye out for ticks during those cookouts, hikes and time spent doing yardwork.

The Sharon Board of Health said diseases are most likely spread between late May and early autumn when the ticks are most active. However, according to the MA Department of Public
Health (DPH), “ticks can also be out any time winter temperatures are above freezing.”

Coming off a a warmer-than-usual winter, ticks are already

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Coronavirus in your pets? Veterinarians say you shouldn’t be too worried, share signs to watch for

As coronavirus case numbers climb, another COVID-19-related concern has come to light: What about my pets?

A pug in North Carolina tested positive for the virus after several of its owners did as well. It is potentially the first dog to be confirmed positive with the virus. 

But veterinarians say there isn’t too much for owners to worry about when it comes to the family pet and coronavirus. 

Jessica Romine, DVM specialist in small animal internal medicine at Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital in Southfield, Michigan, said if any household pets are at higher risk of exposure, it is cats

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Free events and services to watch online while self-quarantining

As novel coronavirus spreads throughout the United States, millions of Americans are spending more time at home.

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But whether you’re doing so because of a job loss, working from home situation or otherwise taking part in the mass effort to stay safe, chances are you’ve been bored once or twice while living under quarantine.

Thankfully, some very talented people have been creating extra-special performances and experiences that you can enjoy to help you cope with the new normal and that don’t break any social distancing rules. Additionally, some services are extending their

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