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7 Ways to Help People in Texas Without Heat & Water Right Now

It’s extremely difficult to sit back and watch what’s happening in Texas and not feel the overwhelming desire to lend our support. The state is experiencing a historical winter storm that’s causing rolling blackouts, which have left millions of residents without power and water for days.

Since there’s only so much we can do from afar (not to mention, in the middle of a pandemic), we compiled a list of seven ways to help Texas, no matter your location. While there are countless relief funds and organizations to choose from, these picks can serve as a starting point as you

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Austin Animal Shelter without power, water

Laura Morales
| Austin American-Statesman

Austin Pets alive is calling for help from volunteer electricians and donations of generators as their main campus goes without power and water due to the severe winter weather. 

At 1:30 a.m. Monday, the Town Lake Animal Center lost power. At around 6:30 p.m., a water pipe burst leading to the water cutoff.

The shelter staff is working to care for the animals under their care at

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Restoring Our Water Systems Should Be Top Priority for Biden Administration

By Katy Neusteter

The Biden-Harris transition team identified COVID-19, economic recovery, racial equity and climate change as its top priorities. Rivers are the through-line linking all of them. The fact is, healthy rivers can no longer be separated into the “nice-to-have” column of environmental progress. Rivers and streams provide more than 60 percent of our drinking water — and a clear path toward public health, a strong economy, a more just society and greater resilience to the impacts of the climate crisis.

Public Health

Wild and Scenic Merced River, California. Bob Wick / BLM

Let’s begin with COVID-19. More than

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Thousands of Pet Owners Say Their Cats and Dogs Drink Much More Water Thanks to This $30 Fountain


One of the biggest perks of practicing social distancing is that you get to spend much more quality time with your pets. After months at home with your furry friends, if you’ve noticed that they aren’t drinking as much water as they should, you may want to invest in the Velken Pet Fountain .

Thousands of Amazon shoppers have given the handy device a perfect five-star rating thanks to its three streaming modes—flower waterfall, flower bubble, and gentle fountain—that attract different types of pets and its 84-ounce capacity, which is an ideal amount of water for smaller and medium-sized

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