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17 Ways Pets Help People Cope With Loneliness

[Left] Cat looking a woman's hair. [Right] A woman hugging a happy dog
[Left] Cat looking a woman’s hair. [Right] A woman hugging a happy dog

For people with pets, many of us have special bonds with our animals. They get happy when we’re happy, and when something is wrong, they can tell something is up. If you’re ever feeling lonely about being isolated from other people, your pet may try and put a smile on your face — or just make you smile without even trying.

While most people have now experienced being isolated from other people because of the coronavirus pandemic, it can be a norm for many people who live

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From food museums to after-school programs, these are the best ways to help out in New York.

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Let’s face it: So far, 2020 is nothing like we expected it to be. Social distancing is requiring us to step back from going out into the city we love, but it’s also inspiring many people to want to find ways to help their fellow New Yorkers. While there’s never a wrong time to give back, NYC arguably needs us now more than ever.

So, to help you pitch in to make New York better, we’ve rounded up a list of ways to contribute to a safer, cleaner, and friendlier city —

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