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20 things you need if you’re obsessed with your pet

20 things you need if you're obsessed with your pet
20 things you need if you’re obsessed with your pet

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Love for pets knows no bounds. Whether it be a fluffy kitty, an energetic dog, or even a fuzzy hamster, every pet is special to those who care for them. And if you’re anything like us, you get a real thrill hunting for products for your favorite furry companion. My friends and family know how much I love my dog Denvour and cat Ruby, so I’ve been on the receiving end

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Are you paying more attention to your dog or cat during coronavirus quarantine? You’re not alone, survey shows

If Fido wasn’t already a part of the family, he sure is now: The bond between pets and their owners has become stronger during this coronavirus quarantine, according to a new survey.

How much stronger? Many people are worried about leaving their pets at home when it’s time to return to the workplace.

The Banfield Pet Hospital in Portland, Oregon, the largest general veterinary practice in the USA, released a survey Tuesday that showed 84% of pet owners have become more conscious of their pet’s health and 67% plan to change how they care for their pets. The hospital surveyed

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If you’re adopting a dog in the pandemic, steer clear of puppy mills, Humane Society warns

The Humane Society of the United States is urging those looking to adopt a pet during the pandemic to steer clear of the hundreds of puppy mills that remain in business despite years of animal care violations.

“We urge the public not to purchase dogs from pet stores or websites, because puppy mills hide behind these fronts,” said Kitty Block, president and CEO of the animal welfare advocacy organization. “We also ask families to consider adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue organization as their first option.”

Each May the organization releases “The Horrible Hundred,” a report detailing violations

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What to know about protecting pets from coronavirus, caring for them if you’re sick

With zoo animals and household pets testing positive for coronavirus, people may wonder what they can do to protect their furry friends from infection. Or, if they get sick themselves, how they can care for their pet without spreading the virus to them.

Two cats tested positive for the virus in New York earlier this week, as have several lions and tigers at the Bronx Zoo, McClatchy News reported.

While experts aren’t sure if animals can spread the virus to people, they believe people can give it to them, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“We are

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