Thousands of Pet Owners Say Their Cats and Dogs Drink Much More Water Thanks to This $30 Fountain

One of the biggest perks of practicing social distancing is that you get to spend much more quality time with your pets. After months at home with your furry friends, if you’ve noticed that they aren’t drinking as much water as they should, you may want to invest in the Velken Pet Fountain .

Thousands of Amazon shoppers have given the handy device a perfect five-star rating thanks to its three streaming modes—flower waterfall, flower bubble, and gentle fountain—that attract different types of pets and its 84-ounce capacity, which is an ideal amount of water for smaller and medium-sized animals. It also has a three-way filtration system made from cotton, activated carbon, and an ion exchange resin, which work together to provide cleaner and better-tasting water for your pets.

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Pet owners love that the fountain is so quiet they can barely tell it’s on, and the fact that it actually makes their animals drink more water throughout the day. “Piggy (my kitty) drinks from the fountain constantly; she’s never been more hydrated in her life,” wrote one shopper. “She even dips her little paw in while drinking, it’s the cutest thing and I can honestly just watch her do it all day. The setup was super easy and so is changing the filter. It’s such a great product I may buy another!”

While most of the reviews come from cat owners, it’s not just finicky felines who love the fountain; dog owners say their pooches are obsessed with it as well. “I have three small dogs all under 10 pounds and this is their primary source of water,” wrote one dog owner. “Older dog is 14 and has heart issues. Leaning over to a normal bowl causes him to cough. This works great for him. The puppy loves to stick her whole face in and drinks from the opposite side.

“It is too heavy for them to turn over as well if anyone is worried about that,” the reviewer continued. “I clean it about once a week and it is easy to clean and order replacement filters.”

Each set comes with one fountain, one AC adapter, one AC pump, three filters, and an instruction manual. It also comes with a silicone mat that keeps the fountain in place and prevents water from spilling on your floor. Even better, right now you can save $2 when you click the coupon box at checkout.

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