Trisha Yearwood Worked with Her Rescue Dogs to Create Her New ‘Practical and Pretty’ Pet Line

Courtesy Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection

From an early age, Trisha Yearwood was certain about two things: she wanted to grow up to be a professional singer, and she loved animals.

“Since I was a little girl, I have always been the ‘Daddy, can I keep it?’ girl,” Yearwood, 56, tells PEOPLE about her history with rescue pets.

Now, the three-time Grammy Award-winning country superstar is ready to share that passion for pets with the world. On April 15, Yearwood is launching the Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection — a carefully crafted line of dog treats, beds, bags, collars, and more.

“It makes sense for me to be in the pet world since it is something I talk about all the time,” Yearwood says of the collection.

Yearwood is constantly talking about pets because she is the proud dog mom to two rescue canines — Emmy, a former stray that the singer saved from a country road, and Millie, a pooch she and husband Garth Brooks adopted after the couple saw the dog’s adoption listing online and Brooks proclaimed “That’s our dog!”

Courtesy Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection

Emmy and Millie have understandably left pawmarks all over Yearwood’s new pet line. Not only do the pooches appear on some of the packagings for the Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection, but the dogs also help test and shape the products too.

Courtesy Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection

“My dogs are indoor-outdoor dogs. They will dig around and roll in things. I want them to enjoy their lives,” Yearwood says of Emmy and Millie. “These are the real dogs that inspired me, so we made dog bedding that is machine washable and wipes to get dogs clean quick in between baths.”

Yearwood also looked back on her years of experience as a pet owner to figure out the collection’s look and feel.

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“I wanted it to be practical and pretty,” she says, noting that the Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection’s quilted backpack, which comes equipped with plenty of adjustable compartments and a poop bag pocket, is one of her favorite products because it blends both traits so well.

Courtesy Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection

Along with making life easier for pet owners, Yearwood also wants her collection to improve the lives of animals everywhere.

“I hope that this pet line will give me the opportunity to help more shelters and rescue animals and have the chance to educate others about the importance of spaying/neutering your pet and pet adoption,” she adds. “Animals that you rescue, there is just nothing like them. It’s such a wonderful gift. It’s unconditional love.”

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